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Learn more about Scotbilt Homes and their process

ScotBilt Homes, headquartered in Waycross, GA, has been providing top-notch homes since its founding in 2004 by Sam Scott. The state-of-the-art Waycross facility boasts one of the only standalone finished drywall stations in the industry.

All homes built at this facility come with 100% finished painted sheetrock wall interiors. Our product line ranges from HUD code park models to HUD code multi-section units up to 2280 SF.

ScotBilt Homes - manufactured home builder - Waycross GA

ScotBilt Homes boasts an impressive network of independent retailers and communities throughout the Southeast. While the majority of ScotBilt's retailers are located in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, the company also delivers homes to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and North Carolina. To locate the nearest retailer or community, as well as all available homes in preferred areas, future homeowners can visit the Find a Homes pages.